Video base O2O Service


As sharing of various information through YouTube is more and more active today, sharing many things with video has become our daily life. It is a video-based O2O platform service that can now share various points in everyday life and share various points in offline stores (products, food, interiors, situations).

HITIT, video O2O platform
Store owners and users gather as one, creating a new innovative space. Let's actively share what's happening around us with HITIT.
Whenever and wherever you are, your video to thousands of audience is a click away.
Now, with videos made by users, stores can share dynamic store information that is more lively than ever before


Gold in Interactive Design 2020

Gold in Logos for Social Change 2020

Silver in Apps 2020

Silver in Branding for Social Change 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Daehee Kim

Design Company


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Design Team

HITIT Branding Team

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