Book Design for ZHUZI Art Museum

by Alice Zong Design

A series of the Book cover & layout design editions of the collected works of traditional Chinese Painting is published by Nanjing Zhuzi Art Center, Zhuzi Art Museum. With its long history and elegant technique, the traditional Chinese paintings & calligraphy is treasured for it's highly artistic and practical appeal. When designing the collection, I use the abstract shapes, colors & lines to create a sense of consistency and highlight the blank in the sketch paintings. This effortless design coincides with the artists of the traditional paintings & calligraphy style. Zhuzi Art Gallery specializes in fine Chinese painting, calligraphy and oil painting by contemporary and domestic and foreign contemporary artists and cutting-edge artists, with the purpose of promoting cultural exchange and art. Read Less


Gold in Book Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Xi Alice Zong

Design Company

Alice Zong Design


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Nanjing ZHUZI Art Center

Design Team

Xi Alice Zong