Family Foodie

by Kwan Emily

Family Foodie is a final year project which consists of three deliverables categorised in three time periods – Jumbo Mealbox, Food Catcher! and Edible Colours. All of them serving different purposes and objectives, but together to tackle parent-child picky eating problem in an all-round basis.

Jumbo Mealbox is a set of mission card kit that allowing children to feel the fun and happiness of cooking and dining through different missions with parents. This is a game kit which provide weekly cooking mission for parent-child to accomplish, such as making sushi. And to record and reflect the mission accomplished afterwards. Jumbo Mealbox acts as a starting point for parent-child dining activities, and further motivate them for extended dining education and interaction after the experience. Children can gain satisfaction when the mission is completed, and add on positive memories towards dining-related activities.

Food Catcher! is a collective gaming app which combines with AR technology. Children need to record the food intake of the day by taking photos of the food they are eating. They can collect various food cards and gain scores, trade cards with friends and battle with friends. Food Catcher! ables to motivate children to explore new food types and review their food history. It can add on excitement and engagement to dining experience to children. Parents can always keep track on children's eating progress too.

Edible Colours is a set of educational cookbook series which aims at attracting children's attention and appetite by interactive elements. The cookbooks are categorized in rainbow colours, children can spin for their colour and read the book of corresponding colour. Edible Colours allows children to feel the joy of cooking and dining, hence engage more into it, as well as enhancing parent-child dining interaction. Parents can also treat it as a guidebook for new...


Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Kwan Emily

Company/University or Design School

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


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