SelfMade Colllabs

by SelfMade

It is hard for small e-commerce brands to stand out in today’s market, especially with big commerce competitors like Amazon. At SelfMade, we celebrate diversity in small businesses by building marketing tools to help smaller brands grow their customer base. Through intensive user and market research, we found that collaboration is a low-cost, creative marketing technique for brands to cross-pollinate customers and expose their product to a wider audience. In the summer of 2019, the SelfMade product team launched Collabs, a free collaboration platform for small e-commerce entrepreneurs to find, connect, and collaborate with one another. Brands can join force for an Instagram giveaway, pop-up shop, ad campaign, etc. and double their social followers and email list. Our free tool makes it easier for brands to work out collaboration logistics such as timeline, location, prize, and winner. Within 3 months of launching, the platform garnered over 2,000 users without much marketing effort from SelfMade. We also conducted interviews with our users every week, listening closely for their input on the platform, and turning these insights into thoughtful features.


Silver in Digital Tools and Utilities 2020

Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Anh Sydney Mai, Laura Groetzinger

Design Company



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Design Team

Anh Sydney Mai, Laura Groetzinger, Alec Fuller


Individual Credits

Developer: Tao Chu, Jeong Lee, Scott Timmel, Kemet Dugue, Joshua Stevens-Stein, Nick Schaubeck
Product Manager: Alec Fuller
CX Analyst: Alejandra Lopez