Immigration Documentation

by Linh Dao

How we treat each other is based on not only our social interactions, but on how political structures shape our perceptions of people. I dissect how technology is a growing part of that structure and how it carries patterns of bias and discrimination urging to be interrupted. I intended to demonstrate the legal immigration process as both personal and subtly dehumanizing at the same time. While mobile technology bridges the distant between the abstract process and its petitioner, it also reduces individuals to a few lines of receipts for their legal fee payment, distilling the entirety of a person into data, barcodes, and numbers using a tracking system that likens “non-citizens” to consumer packages.


Gold in Mobile App 2020, Non-Pro

Gold in Mobile Interaction & Experience 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Linh Dao

Company/University or Design School

Monmouth University


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Design Team

Designer, Researcher, Art Director: Linh Dao