Leman Jewelry Rebranding

by M — N Associates

When it comes to jewelry industry, Vietnam has been known for a reputation of gold craftsmanship, trading and ignoring retail experience. However, Leman Jewelry stands out as an independent haute couture design brand, which specializes in diamonds. For many years, they have been not just shaping up diamond the trading market in Vietnam, but also unlocking a completely new behavior to high-class society by their unique diamond jewelry designs. In spite of various types of orders and requirements, whether they are designs created to suits owned diamonds or new exclusive designs to comprehend rare diamonds, Leman’s creation is always sophisticated, diversified and exquisite.

M — N Associates created a completely new visual system that can expose the luxurious, exquisite yet sophisticated and minimal feeling for the brand. Adapting that core values, the logo mark design was made from the center outwards. Starting with the most basic ring setting shape, the shape which holds the diamonds and glorifies its beauty: the cross setting. We called it the Leman Star, as the sparkle indicates that ‘jewelry brand’ feeling, Leman star is also seen in the center of the letter E in the logotype. Around Leman Star are various types of crafted one-by-one asymmetrical diamond shapes - what Leman has been selling and uniquely designing for every customer. The logo’s grid system based on the inner look of a round diamond cut, the most recognizable diamond. The whole system itself is a complete reflection of Leman’s creating process and also their products.

Packaging System
To highlight Leman’s spirit of sophistication, we created a set of luxury boutique shopping bags. The shopping bag design, with sculpted embossing on high quality finest texture white paper, aims to strongly echo brand concept. There are embossed metal pins on both sides, used to attach reversed carrier straps....


Silver in Logos 2020

Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Duy — N

Design Company

M — N Associates


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Leman Jewelry

Design Team

M — N Associates

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Individual Credits

Project Manager: M — Lan, M — N Associates
Videographer: Lam Uy Huynh, SOF Production
Photographer: Monkey Minh, Monkey Minh Studio