Lobster - A service that feels like Home

by Vitamin London

Spanish telecom: Lobster asked us to create something unique - to take a new approach that cut through the existing market. So we simplified the interface to its base components and presented the information in a journey rather than in views. 

We used animation and transition to bring the interface to life and to encourage and coach customers through the education and tools.

We created a dashboard and supporting native app which enables customers to manage anything relating to their mobile services. Monitor your data usage, review your bills, upgrade your plans and more. Targeting UK expats in Spain, an older demographic with limited technical knowledge, we tailored these experiences to ensure we simplified the UX, removing any friction and made the language jargon-free.

The conversion results of this have been off the charts.


Silver in Digital Tools and Utilities 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Charlotte Weyer

Design Company

Vitamin London


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Design Team

Vitamin London

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Individual Credits

Creative Director: jacob beckett, Vitamin London
Front end Developer: Roman Borodatov, Vitamin D
Technical Lead: Louis Knight-Webb, Vitamin London