The Racing Manager - A living, breathing brand

by Vitamin London

As a brand, The Racing Manager sought to be the leader in bringing new life to the horse racing industry and progress it into the digital era. With lofty ambitions, the design had to resonate with current and prospective members of the sport. Having spoken to syndicate owners, trainers and others within the industry it was clear that this is not just a game to them; it’s a way of life. People who participate in almost any form live and breathe horse racing. Furthermore, assessing other brands in the market, an image of a horse either illustrated, as a symbol or photo was almost always prominent. In response we looked through history and how horses have been depicted over time, beginning with cave paintings, through different mediums and phases of art style to the modern day ultra-high resolution photography. “Where is the depiction of the humble horse going next?”. “It needs to move, it needs to be away from the gloss and towards the raw essence of the animal”. Sourcing slow motion and tracked footage of a horse galloping, the most notable areas were tracked to become an abstracted movement. Trailing behind, these lines hinted at the legacies of the sport while the perpetually galloping logo demonstrated the unwavering progressive attitude The Racing Manager embodies. The colour scheme offered a respectable sunrise aesthetic, and paired the logotype’s Oswald (as a hint to traditional race-ticket letterpress production) with Gill Sans; arguably the UK's most recognisable typeface of authority. Supporting brand imagery opted towards a halftone treatment, distancing itself from cliché photography as well as an emphasis on the reliable pace of movement through it’s pattern. This pattern was continued into spot gloss finished business cards which provide a satisfying sense of touch, and even further into classic analogue animation which brought...


Gold in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Robert Lloyd

Design Company

Vitamin London


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The Racing Manager

Design Team

Jacob Beckett, Creative Director

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Entrant Companies

Vitamin London , GB

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Jacob Beckett , Vitamin London
Art Director: Robert Lloyd, Vitamin London