The Commute

by Vitamin London

Anyone who lives in a busy town and takes their daily journey to work will know the pain and frustration of those who get in your way when you’re late. In this game we take the mundane commute and turn it into you vs the world; a fast paced charge and coffee brawl through the streets armed only with obscene language and your bag. Picking up drinks will give you that extra energy to run faster while the odd sandwich grabbed en route will restore your health. Having your colour and everything important in colour, you’ll have to fight desperately through the grey hoards your commute throws at you from street, to traffic and tube. All adventures must come to an end, and as you mash your phone-linked SNES controller you’ll likely be dashed by a not-so-innocent bystander only to see a taunting newspaper headline slam in your face. Still being developed with entirely custom graphics, sound and game design through to build, the Commute promises to be a beautifully simple 8-bit game which everyone can relate to.


Silver in Character Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Robert Lloyd

Design Company

Vitamin London


Vitamin London

Design Team

Robert Lloyd Jacob Beckett Dan Mitchell Yiian Thomas

Video (direct link)

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Entrant Companies

Vitamin London, GB

Individual Credits

Artistic director: Robert Lloyd, Vitamin London
Sound Designer: Yiian Thomas, Vitamin Cornwall
Technical Director: Dan Mitchell, Vitamin Cornwall