Kindred - Share what you Love

by Vitamin London

Kindred’s partnered with over 40,000 charities with the ambition of becoming the world’s largest aggregated donor to good causes through everyday purchases. It's a platform that connects its users with thousands of exclusive discounts from some of the world’s top brands, as well as supporting local independent businesses.

It targets those with the influence at scale to drive viral campaigns, and enables them to translate it into a force for good. With every purchase, Kindred donates a percentage of the sales to the user’s dedicated charity of choice. 10% or 100%, the choice is down to you.

#ad has become a red flag for inauthenticity and ‘Paid to Post’ Our message to our community? Share what you love! We want you to only shout out about things you’re genuinely enthusiastic about and so we’re partnering with thousands of brands to ensure we find the right fit for you.


Silver in Apps for Social Change 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Charlotte Weyer

Design Company

Vitamin London



Design Team

Vitamin London

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Entrant Companies

Vitamin London, GB
Kindred, GB

Individual Credits

Art Director: Robert Lloyd, Vitamin London
Product Designer: Charlotte Weyer, Vitamin London
Creative Director: Jacob Beckett, Vitamin London