Fair Play - Ignorance isn't bliss

by Vitamin London

Everything we do has an impact; the way we eat, the way we talk, the way we travel. It’s understandable why we don’t prioritise or redefine these behaviours when we live in a culture which is so focussed on the superficial; often feeling as though we’re trapped in a system that’s hard-wired for impulse decisions and a quick pace of life.

Fortunately being designers, developers and general makers of the products which power these services, we have the ability to reimagine a system that’s neglecting so many knock-on environmental effects. As our research on these effects narrowed, a key contributor and equally prominent buzzword kept appearing; Fast Fashion.

Fast fashion is second only to oil as the world’s largest polluter, responsible for high carbon emissions, wastewater production, and large amounts of landfill waste. The social costs are equally high, with unsafe working conditions and long hours with minimal pay for workers.

To even attempt solving such a huge inherent issue means beginning from the foundations, and considering every minor victory you can achieve. We needed this to be the cleanest, most rounded and effective product possible, to counter the vast global impacts at hand. Our response is a set of seamless, responsive touchpoints for the daily life of users; A free location-driven app, a free browser plug-in and free smart-watch integration to help people understand more about the products they buy, and ultimately understand which of their favourite brands are playing fair.

Taking a functionality first approach allowed us to not only address the root causes of Fast Fashion but consider ways to lessen the environmental impact of the product itself.
“...Does digital have an environmental impact, though?...”
By optimising the product’s code to be as reusable and reductive as possible, it allows for easier and more accessible implementations...


Silver in Apps for Social Change 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Charlotte Weyer

Design Company

Vitamin London


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Vitamin London

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Vitamin London

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Entrant Companies

Vitamin London, GB

Individual Credits

Product Designer: Charlotte Weyer, Vitamin London
Technical Director: Dan Mitchell, Vitamin Cornwall
Creative Director: Jacob Beckett, Vitamin London