Future Generation - Space is what you make of it

by Vitamin London

Seeing an opportunity for higher quality student accommodation, Future Generation approached us for branding their new venture. “We’re putting football pitches on their rooftops and cinemas in their basements. This isn’t student living, it’s just living!”.

First realising that these students were being patronised by existing providers and that they’re actually the most sophisticated digital natives in the world, we set about treating them as such and creating something truly progressive. This was a brand who wanted to truly bring a new approach to the market and rethink what student accommodation is.

Opening the project with a team trip to the Tate, specifically to see Rachel Whitereads exhibition on negative space castings, we considered our client’s core belief. It was clear we needed to rethink what space is. Space, afterall, is what you make of it. The approach of taking a new view to the industry, as well as putting space at the heart of the design, resulted in a brand mechanism of ‘perspectives’. Owning such a flexible mechanism quickly unveiled a wide range of exciting opportunities in how tasks could be solved through unexpected ways.

Beginning with a simple execution of a 3D logo which aligned only when face on, it soon grew to bespokely coded 3D transition, hidden interactions and parallax motions which sought to act as windows into new locations. Each digital touchpoint was created to emphasise a sense of physicality and your view into it.

Building content around their various accommodation location pages made us realise that we couldn’t write this ourselves or compile it from online reviews. Instead we contacted local students for their first hand insights into the best places to eat, drink, meet people and more. Keeping perspective in mind shifted these location pages from product orientated listings to personal guides on your...


Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Robert Lloyd

Design Company

Vitamin London


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Future Generation

Design Team

Jacob Beckett, Creative Director Charlotte Weyer, Product Designer

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Entrant Companies

Vitamin London, GB

Individual Credits

Product Designer: Charlotte Weyer, Vitamin London
Creative Director: Jacob Beckett, Vitamin London
Art Director: Robert Lloyd, Vitamin London