Website and UX / UI design for Kubuś

by Funktional

Kubuś is a favorite Polish brand of natural products for children. The client approached us with the task of developing a new website for the well-known Polish brand.

The site was intended for both parents and their children aged 3-6 and meant to include the Safe Zone - a platform full of interactive attractions that support educational development through play for children.

We focused on making all the content elements of the site find the perfect place for themselves. The use of a large number of legible icons, the right size of buttons and short text messages - we have designed UX / UI solutions that will allow child to use all the prepared interactive attractions in a simple way. All content is embedded in a child-friendly fairy-tale world.

All our activities caused that the new Kubuś brand website, thanks to the user-friendly structure, is interesting for parents and is a place ideally suited for children, providing them with safe and developing entertainment and high-quality attractions that encourage learning about the world.


Silver in Website Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Jakub Bieda

Design Company



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Maspex / Kubuś

Design Team

Jakub Bieda, Anna Misiuda, Iwona Tryka

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Entrant Companies

Funktional, PL


Kubuś/Maspex, PL

Individual Credits

UX/UI Designer: Iwona Tryka, Funktional
Project Manager: Paweł Bartosz, Funktional
Senior Graphic Designer: Jakub Bieda, Funktional