GroundTruth Rebranding

by Siegel + Gale

GroundTruth (formerly xAd) is a global location technology company that drives results with real data. The design elevates the value of location, beyond the technology that underpins, and humanizes it. The logo resembles a location marker and a GT monogram representing GroundTruth’s mission to create location as a category and as a timepiece symbolizing the real time precision of location. The bright, neon color palette reflects the personality, tone and energy of GroundTruth. The emoticon toolkit brings a simple character set to life in everyday communications.

Silver in Branding 2018
Bronze in Logos 2018

Design Director
Kira Jenny Sea
GroundTruth (formerly xAd)
Design Team
Kira Jenny Sea, Austyn Stevens
GroundTruth, US
Siegel + Gale, US

Senior Designer
Kira Jenny Sea, Siegel + Gale
Creative director
Austyn Stevens, Siegel + Gale

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