Tangible Type

by Rhode Island School of Design

The structure of the letters has always redefined its form with the physical gestures of craftsmanship with various tools, along with going through digitization in the contemporary era. As variable fonts came out, with infinite design attributes, the boundaries of the refined forms of letters have been faded away even more, and letters have never been this flexible before.

Tangible type is an experiment that responses to the future of variable fonts and letterforms: what are the other use cases with variable fonts, and if we can bring some other form of craftsmanship and physical movement into the letters.

Tangible Type is an experimental and interactive set of type components that enables users to physically change the segments of the letters. Utilizing bi-directional flex sensors, it brings physical gestures into the whole letter set and makes type tangible. The components are consist of Stroke, Diagonal, Counter, U shape, Shoulder, Terminal, and Spine, and interacting with the physical letter component modules enables users to control the letterforms.


Gold in Interaction Design 2020

Silver in Mix Media/Moving Image 2020

Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Hyeong Geun Song

Design Company

Rhode Island School of Design


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Individual Credits

Advisor: Hammett Nurosi, Rhode Island School of Design
Advisor: Cem Eskinazi, Rhode Island School of Design