Bid2Bring Website Design & Development

by SPINX Digital

Bid2Bring is a startup delivery company. Their mobile app allows customers to find a "bringer" to pick up any kind of item, from any location, and deliver it to them. We designed and developed a marketing site with the sole goal of getting visitors to download the iOS or Android app on their phones.
Although Bid2Bring had a website set up to lead potential clients to the app stores, it was not optimized for conversion, and the site structure was really confusing. In our approach, we designed the homepage to target both bringers and customers and give a high level overview of what the app is and how it works. We then included pages that allowed either customers or drivers to dive deep into what Bid2Bring offers to them. We used intentional imagery across the site to help visitors identify with the scenarios in the images and imagine themselves using the app. The website is easy to digest, helping Bid2Bring gain traction and become a go-to application for deliveries of all kinds.


Bronze in Website Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

SPINX Digital

Design Company

SPINX Digital


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Design Team

Lauren Jordan


Entrant Companies

SPINX Digital, US

Individual Credits

Lead Developer: Keyur Ajmera, SPINX Digital
Lead Designer & UX Strategist: Lauren Jordan, SPINX Digital
Director of Projects & Strategy: Lisa Steward, SPINX