Jaunty Website Design & Developer

by SPINX Digital

Jaunty was a startup that required a brand new website that would reflect their joyful and upbeat brand. Their three goals for the new website were to have their audience read their articles, sign up for their newsletter, click on affiliate links (and ultimately buy things). Keeping this in mind, built a website that would put keep their articles and affiliate products at the forefront, all while keeping the website lighthearted and welcoming to readers, old and new. The end result was a website that has a light, airy feel to it, and does only offers products for users to purchase where it adds value to their life.


Bronze in Website Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

SPINX Digital

Design Company

SPINX Digital


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Design Team

Jeffrey Lo


Individual Credits

CEO: Sukesh Jakharia, SPINX Digital
Director of Projects & Strategy: Lisa Steward, SPINX Digital
Technical Project Manager: Nilesh Macwan, SPINX Digital