Melbourne Polytechnic Website

by Monkii

Melbourne Polytechnic has been delivering vocational training since 1912 and they are one of the largest TAFE providers in Victoria, Australia.
With so many competing options for potential students within Australia and internationally, the focus of the new website design and development was around immersion, engagement and enrolment conversion. In order to achieve this and in a short timeframe, Monkii adopted a user centred approach, utilising methods such as interviews, card sorting and user testing to understand students priorities and key tasks/pain points. Navigation was another major focus point, ensuring that it aligned with the paradigms of its key users, including prospective students, existing students and staff administration.
Special time and attention was also placed on the crucial “course pages” that also work as marketing landing pages – making sure that they were visually rich and emotionally enticing – compelling the user to explore, and ultimately encourage them to call, ask a question or attend an info session.

The new site has provided Melbourne Polytechnic with a strong digital presence, that balances attention between information and visual engagement.


Silver in Website Design 2020

Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2020

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Monkii Design Team

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Design Team

Renny Seears, Andrew Lamont, Richard Vong