Chianti Brew Fighters

by Studio Kmzero

Brand Identity, Packaging and labeling designed for Chianti Brew Fighters a Craft brewery from Radda in Chianti (Tuscany, Italy).
In the land of wine, Chianti Brew Fighter produce beer, with top quality raw materials and a lot of passion, an alternative way of looking at the territory.
The inspirations for the logo are born from elements strongly linked to the land of origin: the rooster and the shield as iconic symbols of Chianti and the lettering created specifically (Beatrix Antiqua) and inspired by the Romanesque letters of Dante's grave in the Florentine church of Santa Croce.

For the beer labels, Tuscan figures and folkloric expressions were chosen, as well as images present in Dante's divine comedy:
la Bestemmia (the Blasphemy), la Selva (the Forest), la Serpe (the Snake), la Villana (the Villain), la Vergine (the Virgin) with the addition over time of new limited or special editions.


Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Francesco Canovaro

Design Company

Studio Kmzero


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Chianti Brew Fighters

Design Team

Francesco Canovaro, art director and type designer; Giulia Brachi, illustrator and graphic designer; Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, creative partner and t...


Individual Credits

Graphic Designer, Illustrator: Giulia Brachi, Wipaus
Creative director, Brand expert: Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Studio Kmzero
Art director, Typography manager: Francesco Canovaro, Studio Kmzero