Pollution Ranger & Smog Shades

by Huachen Xin

Since 2008, air pollution has become a major issue in China and poses a threat to Chinese public health. The only air quality data that people can access is the government published data and the authenticity of it are doubtable. Lack of alternative sources to acquire the air quality information not only violate citizen’s right to know but also connive the inaction of the government. Smog Shades project intend to create an alternative way for people to access the air quality data and visualise the data in public spaces to achieve the social impact.

Pollution Ranger is a power-free air quality monitor, it is installed on taxes or uber cars and travel all around the city to collect air pollution data. People can examine the gathered data via the phone application. By doing so, people can not only examine their nearby air pollution data but also the air condition of the specified location.

Smog Shades is an installation which visualises the air pollution in public spaces. By using polarising effect, two dishes show the air quality data from different sources — official data and Pollution Ranger data— through changing transparency. This installation enables people to feel the air pollution data comparatively and calls for the government to act rather than hide.


Silver in Interaction Design for Social Change 2020

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Huachen Xin

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Huachen Xin


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