Homes for Sonoma - Logo

by Flight

One week after the fires disrupted and destroyed parts of our communty a small group of designers, architects, builders and community leaders called a meeting to discuss how to help our friends, families and neighbors. With so many displaced residents in the aftermath of the fires, we felt an urgent need—really a duty—to provide a clear, practical, responsible way to rebuild our community in a way that not only served the immediate needs of those who lost their homes, but would also help address the long-term affordable housing situation in Sonoma County.

The logo was inspired by the phrase "Home is where the heart is". The mark is both a heart and a blue print of house with a detached garage. In the full signature the logotype is surrounded by a neighborhood of Heart Homes representing the neighborhoods that will be rebuilt–neighborhoods Samantha Kraesig and Michelle Farrell grew up in. These homes are not only structures they hold our community safe. They hold the fabric of our community, our people, together.


Bronze in Logos 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Samantha Kraesig

Design Company



Homes for Sonoma

Design Team

Samantha Kraesig Michelle Farrell


Individual Credits

Lead Designer: Samantha Kraesig, Flight LLC