Jeri's Farm - The Secret Farm


Jeri’s Farm is a flower-growing company that deals with the processing of legal hemp and launched its products on the market a few months ago. The company is aimed at a niche audience, interested in quality products to be consumed on occasions of meeting.
HUD offers Jeri's Farm a restyling of the corporate image for give greater strength to the basic idea and designs a line aimed at a luxury target. To realize the image that we had in mind for Jeri's, we have been working on a special edition which, in addition to inviting the discovery of the line, promoted a singular interaction with the company. Reasoning on the experience related to the consumption of legal hemp, normally associated with a sensory escape, we have created a box in which packaging, technology and product come together to recreate different types of sensory experiences. But not only that, the box, ordered online, becomes the first concrete contact point with the company, which opens its doors in an exclusive event to which everyone is invited those who chose the limited edition box.

The design, entirely illustrated by Michael Morsicani, reproduces typographical and iconographic details with a vintage allure, recalling the world of wine or tobacco with a provocative and fictional style as well full of allusions. The external box was made with a 380gr black paper with an opaque effect, perfect for enhancing the hot gold foil of the graphic details. Inside, however, the 4 pouches (3 doypack and one 3 seals ), have been printed with digital printing, reproducing the gold foil with the color and the metallic background material in order to reduce costs, print 3 different subjects in the same order and obtain extreme stroke precision.

The limited edition box becomes a sort...


Gold in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Michael Morsicani

Design Company



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Design Team

Michael Morsicani, Gaia Fabiani

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