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Corporate Logo Reidemeister


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Bernhard Wilke


SUPERNOW Designstudio


Julia Reidemeister, Lic.iur., LL.M.

Corporate Logo for a Swiss advocacy. Julia Reidemeister is a so called Next Generation lawyer and mediator – goal-driven, visionary, idealistiy and with a high capability for empathy. Her core personality defines the basis for the design impression. The logo is based on the idea of the yin-yang-symbol. A principle how seemingly contrary forces may be complementary at the same time. The opposite operations of advocacy at court and extrajudicial agreement are combined and translated into a modernistic symbol. The circle is the basic form and stands for a wholistic service. A geometrical segmentation shows the two aspects of judical representation and impartial mediation and creates the initial R of the surname. A plain and precise design vocabulary supports the brand values objectivity and ethics. A bright and vibrand green is a counterpoint to the conservative legal consultation. The colour serves as an emotional overcoming of prejudices. It reduces negative associations and creates an open-ended basic attitude.