Brand identity of playground equipment producer


Vinci Play is a manufacturer of the highest quality playground equipment. Adhering the highest standards of quality and manufacturing, the company needed a contemporary, clean branding that would help it stand out in the crowded, busy market. When creating the brand look and feel, we focused on capturing fun, joy and energy of children playing on the playground. Hence the focus on thick, round typography, bold & lively colours and playful graphic elements. A playful branding system that's easy to implement on various materials, capturing both fun factor and professional feel.


Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Aleksander Rokicki

Design Company


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Vinci Play

Design Team

Aleksander Rokicki, Alicja Wojczakowska, Staszek Radwan, Maryia Brylkova, Bartek Kuzia