by Eirini Seresli

What do penicillin, dynamite, superglue and LSD have in common? Serendipity! Fortunate accidents have played a significant role in some of humanity's most important discoveries, including the creation of our own brand. As a digital marketing agency with an all-remote, fully distributed team, we strive to work with non-profits as much as possible to help them tell their stories in the most compelling way and to make a positive impact on the world – whilst at the same time utilizing remote work to provide opportunities to untapped talent in underserved communities. The word digidipity® references a fortunate digital accident and perfectly describes what we aspire to be for all those we work for and with. Moreover, it allows us to use the catchy branded short URL dgd.pt for our campaigns. Our logo consists of a binary "01010101" string, which symbolizes the digital nature of our work, as well as a "+y" element – a clear statement that we have a strong and omnipresent "why" behind everything we do. To identify our founding team's year of birth, simply convert the binary string in our logo into the decimal system. That is the magic of digidipity®.


Gold in Logos 2020

Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Eirini Seresli


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