Turncoats at the House of Representatives (“Vira-Casacas da Câmara”)

by Café.art.br

The project:
From 3/8/2018 to 14/4/2018, Brazilian Congressmen had a free pass to change parties without risking losing their mandate due to party infidelity.

With the end of corporate campaign funding, getting a new Congressman has a major financial impact on the parties. Due to the rules of the newly created Electoral Fund and the Partisan Fund, the funding of these parties is directly proportional to the number of their representatives in Congress.

The Turncoats at the House of Representatives is an independent project that brings a critique in the form of visualization of official data, showing who changed parties, the economic impacts of this change and places a value of the "pass" of each Congressman.

Turncoats (for short) was an independent project we launched in 2018 with two main goals. The first was to involve the whole team around an authorial project with no clients. The second was to critique, through design and data, the absurdity that became the period known as "Party Window".

Without financial support, the project development was guided by the mindset of achieving the greatest impact with the lowest possible energy output. With this mindset, we resorted to design sprints, using agile methods for both design and development.

The project was developed in just over 6 weeks, from initial data collection to the dataviz publication. Given that it was an independent project running parallel to regular studio projects, we decided to make it lean: show only the 2018 Party Window, use the football metaphor with a focus on "players" rather than "teams", focus on one main number - Pass Value - intuiting that its what would have the most visceral reaction from the audience, and ultimately create a simple visualization that did not require much of the user or of the development team.



Gold in Websites Design for Social Change 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Leandro Amorim as Creative Director, Henrique Ilidio and Erlan Carvalho as Lead Designers.

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Design Team

Creative Director: Leandro Amorim Lead Designers: Henrique Ilídio and Erlan Carvalho Information/Interface Designers: Gabriela Alcoar and Gabrie...

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Entrant Companies

Café.art.br, BR

Individual Credits

Lead Designer: Henrique Ilidio, Café.art.br
Creative Director: Leandro Amorim, Café.art.br
Lead Designer: Erlan Carvalho, Café.art.br