Organized Crime Index - Africa

by Café

The Organised Crime Index is a multi-dimensional data visualization tool that measures both the level of countries’ criminality and their resilience to organized crime on a scale of 1 to 10. The objective of the Index is to provide guidance to policymakers and continental regional bodies to prioritize their interventions on the basis of a holistic assessment of where vulnerabilities lie and provide them with the means to measure the efficacy of their interventions.

Countries’ criminality scores are made up of the average scores of ten criminal markets and four criminal actor types. Criminal market scores consider the scope, scale, value, and reach (i.e. non-monetary impact) of each illicit economy. Criminal actor scores consider the structure, control, and influence of each criminal actor type.

Resilience scores are created by taking an average of 12 resilience indicators. These indicators represent a range of areas from which organized-crime response measures are developed – from politics and criminal justice to economics and social fields.

Under both the criminality and resilience components of the Index, countries are ranked based on their scores in order to offer users the option for comparative analysis across the African continent.

In addition to the scores and rankings, the Organised Crime Index website allows users to explore country profiles that explain the context behind each country’s scores. Country profiles outline scores for each component (i.e. criminality and resilience), subcomponent (i.e. criminal markets and criminal actors) and indicators. The country profiles also provide background information on each specific country context and highlight key trends based on expert assessments.

The Organised Crime Index offers a holistic framework of a country’s overall relationship to organized crime. At the same time, its subcomponents and indicators allow users to disaggregate such information and determine correlations with various impact areas in any given country and/or...


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The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC) and The Institute for Security Studies Africa (ISS Africa)

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