Shifted Craft

by Ganit Goldstein

The collection aims to highlight the relationship between the body, form and technology.
The ‘Shifted Craft’ collection is a boundary-pushing research project, which was centered around Hybrid CAD techniques. Describing a balanced point of view by combining two creative worlds: handicrafts - traditional shoe making, and computer engineering - 3D CAD, design and printing.
The Collection include two pairs of shoes collaborating with Stratasys LTD with extraordinary research working method of printing directly on leather. The collection aims to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing and CAD design workflow to make fit to measure shoes – customized by using 3D scanning and parametric modeling software. The final pieces were 3D printed in partnership with Stratasys Art, Design and Fashion department and R&D team using its multi-material and multi-color J750 3D printer.
3D printing with multi color enables a verity of endless color-matching and freedom of design with CAD software. 3D scanning is essential part of the research, enable to produce fit-to-measure product in a sustainable manner for producing one-of-a-kind product without any production leftovers. The process enable to scan the consumer feet and produce an accurate measurements for perfect fit.


Silver in 3D CAD 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Ganit Goldstein

Company/University or Design School

Royal Collage of Arts


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