Cambridge Crossing Scrim Signage

by LLM Design, Inc.

DivcoWest commissioned LLM Design to create scrim signage designs for its Cambridge Crossing mixed-use development in Cambridge, MA. The finished project will be a new innovation community in East Cambridge, purposefully designed to empower interactions and spark breakthroughs. It was important that any public signage reflect the developer’s goals to create not just a home for innovation, but to create a new neighborhood. Our team designed a series of four illustrated panels that reflect the vibrancy and energy of the project and the future neighborhood, while also providing a source of public art during construction. The illustrations were designed to reflect the diverse and inclusive community that they hope to create by bringing people together in this authentic, modern neighborhood experience. The bright, bold color palette of the illustrated panels reflects the modern multiculturalism of Cambridge, as well as its energy and vibrancy. The graphic style of intense, vivid colors in a swirling, abstract pattern intentionally leaves the specifics to the imagination so that the characters and lifestyles depicted are relevant to a diverse group of people. The warm tones are inviting and indicative of the tight-knit community that exists in Cambridge--and that will continue to grow in this new development.


Silver in Illustration 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Travis Blake

Design Company

LLM Design, Inc.



Design Team

Que Nguyen


Entrant Companies

LLM Design, Inc., US


DivcoWest, US