Project X

by LLM Design, Inc.

Craft Food Hall Project is a new food hall concept that has brought together several restaurant experiences into one interactive environment. For their Project X concept, they have created a “Street Pizza Lab,” where old world simplicity meets modern approach. They borrow topping inspiration from authentic street foods and then cook them sous vide, a sophisticated technique that elevates the flavor. They knew what concept they wanted, they just didn’t how to quickly get their idea across to customers. Craft Food Hall Project commissioned LLM Design to create a brand identity for Project X. The overall brand look is inspired from a street culture vibe that fits with the values and characteristics of the concept. We knew the design needed to be edgy and alternative, but still represent the warmth of a community and neighborhood. The primary logo has a texture embedded in the wordmark which gives it a duotone effect, and the inclusion of the “X” in the manhole cover begins to reflect the aesthetic of a pizza with layered toppings. The supporting environmental brand graphics also pull from street culture. The torn/layered aesthetic is pulled from the layered show posters that often get applied right over the previous poster. This helps to create depth and texture in the space.


Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Travis Blake

Design Company

LLM Design, Inc.


Craft Food Hall Project and Anchor Line Partners


Entrant Companies

LLM Design, Inc., US


Craft Food Hall Project, US