Vine Connect

by Adventure Stories

For many young people in London’s poorer boroughs, opportunities seem few and far between. Many are trapped within non-visible poverty working low paying jobs, with limited prospects. For some, gang activity seems the only available alternative.

Vine Connect are a new social enterprise dedicated to help young people in East London, connecting them with opportunities to further their prospects.

Founded by passionate east-Londoners David & Esana, Vine Connect provide mentorship for young people aged 17-25 years, assisting them on the path to training, education and careers.

We worked with Vine Connect to design branding which would not only be attention-grabbing and memorable but also relevant to the young people Vine Connect work with. Our solution was to conceive a identity inspired by street-wear and sticker culture, executed with an attention-grabbing urban aesthetic.

Primarily the identity exists as a set of stickers, underpinned by the empowering strap-line ‘you can’, each delivering non-nonsense and inspiring messages. The freely distributed stickers find their way onto skateboards and walls of youth-clubs alike, becoming in their own-way part of the city’s cultural fabric, building awareness and spreading the word.


Silver in Branding for Social Change 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Edward Clark

Design Company

Adventure Stories


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Vine Connect

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Edward Clark