by Hong Da Design Studio

In the past, font libraries have been primarily used for searching and editing, in the form of printed materials (flyers). The specifications for printed materials come in various different forms resulting in difficulties when putting to use in packaging or publicity. As the numbers of font libraries increase the number of printed materials it increases, resulting in unnecessary consumption of paper and ink, which is a burden to the environment. To improve such situation, the designer focuses on three main points “convenience”, “diversity” and “ environmentally friendly ”as the major themes for the 2020 ARPHIC FONT LIBRARY, including the entire font library (from ARPHIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD) encompassing thousands of fonts from the last 30 years that has been categorized into four collections; # 1 DECORATION, # 2 CALLIGRAPHY, # 3 COLLECTION OF DESIGN and # 4 CLASSICS. The four collections are creatively designed bounded together with metal paper fasteners allowing it to be taken apart and put together freely.

Besides the fonts that are included in the four font library collections, there is also an equal amount of special designs in each.
#1 DECORATION: picks particular fonts presenting them with unique printing methods conveying the intricate details of every font in addition to showcasing different unique printing methods.
#2 CALLIGRAPHY: restructuring Chinese and English fonts in terms of “ANATOMY OF TYPEFACE”, “SPACING”, “LEADING” and “PUNCTUATION MARKS” allowing convenience and flexibility.
#3 COLLECTION OF DESIGN: presented fonts and punctuation marks with stickers enabling users to experience the process of design, through the use of stickers allowing the font library to be more fun and interesting.  
#4 CLASSICS: showcasing a variety of printing methods including test prints and multiple detection tools enhancing the usability and features of the font library.

Furthermore, the Designer invited 16 designers and illustrators, to create...


Gold in Book Design 2020

Gold in Promotional Materials 2020

Bronze in Digital Art 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Jiang Hong-Da

Design Company

Hong Da Design Studio


Arphic Technology co., LTD

Design Team

Jiang Hong-Da


Individual Credits

Printing Technician: YU TA-WEI, Printing JIL Print ., Ltd TW
Photographer: Jiang Hong-Da, Hong Da Design Studio