Learning from Toronto: an Experiment in Participatory Data Visualization

by Andrea Giambelli

My graduate thesis was focused on how urban dataviz can be used to investigate the relationship between people’s perception of phenomena happening in cities, and data collected about them. I chose to address the topic of housing in Toronto—one of the most urgent challenges the city is currently facing. I designed a prototype for a mobile-first app based on an interactive survey: citizens are asked to visually provide their guess about urban issues, before being presented with visualizations of the actual data on the same topics, and of answers from other people, within the same visual models.

In order to allow an in-depth, more detailed exploration of the issues addressed in the interactive survey, a further step in the application user-flow allows people to access more complex interactive visualizations (which I designed, programmed and developed) related to the questions they just answered.


Gold in Interaction Design for Social Change 2020, Non-Pro

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Andrea Giambelli

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York University - Master of Design


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Student project—Graduate Thesis for Master's Degree in Design

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Andrea Giambelli

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