Hardwired | Design Concepts of the Visual Identity System

by Grandvity Visual Integration Co.,Ltd.

From Lugang , one of the most historical towns in Taiwan , the brand designer created this brand from the ideas inspired by metalwork and design. He hopes to regain the glory of his hometown and deliver gentleman's culture to the world.
On the basis of this belief, a blending ring "Origin" combing a laurel wreath and antlers has been design as the logo of Hardwired. The noble golden color decorates the low-profile black color to have the continuous pattern. The pattern has further been applied to name cards, invitation cards, and envelopes to develop the image of understated luxury. It is elegant like a gentleman with the charisma you can't ignore.
With baroque style, Hardwired has a series of exquisite and impressive accessories matching meticulous suits. It brings a great gorgeous show for you with the exclusive characteristics and styles that are meant to be .


Gold in Branding 2020

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Grandvity Visual Integration Co.,Ltd.


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Designer: Tzu-Hao,Wang, Grandvity Visual Integration Co.,Ltd