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by Grandvity Visual Integration Co.,Ltd.

The founder of Grandvity Visual Integration Co.,Ltd., Noodlemaker, who has a Bachelor of Science degree is good at interpreting an emotional idea by rational elements and building up an aesthetic value by logical methodology. "Attractiveness" and "Effectiveness " have been used as the glamour of the brand. Grandvity hopes to make a ripple effect among people and attract potential partners sharing the same beliefs from various fields. They are trying to create a diversified design team that can implement the concept of coupling commercial values with art.
The geometric structures are the basis of its brand identity. The trademark consists of a number of dots lining up to form a sector. The color gradient conveys the concept of "Effectiveness", and the reversed out area expresses the concept of "Attractiveness". Furthermore, the detailed draft of the trademark has also been used as one of its definitions. The grayscale has been set as the standard color system , and the bronzing color becomes the decorating color to express its unique characteristic: maturity with radiance.


Gold in Branding 2020

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Grandvity Visual Integration Co.,Ltd.


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Grandvity Visual Integration Co.,Ltd.

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Grandvity Design


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Grandvity Visual Integration Co.,Ltd, TW

Individual Credits

Project Manager: Wei-Jung,Chiu, Grandvity Visual Integration Co.,Ltd
Art Director: Tzu-Hao,Wang, Grandvity Visual Integration Co.,Ltd
Logotype Designer: Si-Jia,Sun, Grandvity Visual Integration Co.,Ltd