Bienvenido al hotel Catrina (Welcome to the Hotel)

by Multia Studio

Located in California, Hotel Catrina provides a leisure sojourn place for customers mostly arriving from Mexico in the month of ‘Day of the Dead’ (Dia de Los Muertos)’ festival. With creative impulse of the same festival, Multia initiated a concept of La Calaveras Catrina - the Sugar Skulls’ makeover, a typeface, and color scheme for their official logo. It conveyed the hotel’s new and touching personality, thereby connecting and attracting the people from Mexico and regions with large Mexican populations.


Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Sachin Mohite

Design Company

Multia Studio


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Staycal Hospitality

Design Team

Creative Director :- Samhita Bhatkar Designers : Sachin Mohite Gaurav Kad Mayur Bhavsar Maithili Phalak Sachin Poojari

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Entrant Companies

Multia Studio, IN


Multiversity Pvt. Ltd., IN

Individual Credits

Director: Taijasa Bhatkar, Multia Studio