Sr. Product Designer

by Studio Red

As a design firm, the website is the first thing many clients see. Keeping a fresh, current site is critical. The UX industry is constantly evolving and staying on top of it is imperative.

In redesigning StudioRed’s website, we focused on improving usability and user retention while maintaining a fresh, clean look. Through intensive UX research of past clients, we learned StudioRed’s perceived strengths. Using this knowledge, we highlighted these topics in the new design. By focusing on iconography and structured text, we reduced the clutter on the website. New fields were added like a resources page, where users can download CAD of tools and devices StudioRed has made. Tools used in product development, like calculators for snap force and tip test, were built within the site. By providing tools for the public, the site not only helps individuals in the development field, but it significantly helped SEO goals by being a large traffic driver. Through the new design, StudioRed’s site will be fresh for years to come.

Almost immediately we saw significant growth in web traffic. Prior to the redesign, we received traffic of about 1000-1500 users per month. This grew to over 3000 users within the first month which was the most traffic the site had ever seen. The new site has been praised by many.


Gold in Digital Tools and Utilities 2020

Gold in WordPress Themes 2020

Silver in Website Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Soyun Sophie Kim

Design Company

Studio Red


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Design Team

Christian Bourgeois, Phil Bourgeois, George Turvey, Charlie Putland, Amir Abedrabbo, Stella Mok, Iatchi Sin