#Ballot Battle: Richmond’s Social Struggle for Suffrage

by emilypark studio

What if suffrage activists are live now and battling on the social media platforms just like what we do today? What would be their profile and Twitter/Facebook feeds look like?

#Ballot Battle: Richmond’s Social Struggle for Suffrage is the exhibition at the Valentine Museum (Richmond, VA) to visualize this question above. Between 1909 and 1920, both pro-suffrage and anti-suffrage advocates battled tenaciously, using all platforms available to persuade both the legislature and the general public. The exhibition uses modern social media platforms to profile five Richmond (VA) viewpoints and the racial and generational tensions that each exposed. As the US has met the new election year, the exhibition is helping the local community to look back on the history of how the voting rights have evolved during the suffrage and opens the discussion to the different questions and challenges that we face today. emilypark studio has worked to developing the idea, strategizing the content and visualizing the exhibition identity and all contents.


Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Emily Yaeyoung Park

Design Company

emilypark studio


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The Valentine Museum

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emilypark studio

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