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Uncommon design for the common good, Catalyst is a forward-thinking, unique, and modern workplace situated at the intersection of health and productivity. Focusing on Catalyst’s progressive approach to company culture, and the lifestyle of employees who embody it, Kilograph aimed to develop a brand identity that mirrored its modern, healthy, tech-focused image. Inspired by the building’s angular architectural features, Kilograph designed a wordmark that is boldly tall with confident angels, and a clean, clear, modern presence. Complimented by a fresh and friendly palette, the Catalyst brand colors are anchored in professional blues and greys then accented with pops of orange and teal for an energetic twist. The Catalyst brand identity stands to present this property as Sunnyvale’s brightest new light and represents a positive vision of a healthy and vibrant workplace where companies and their employees will thrive.

To further bring Catalyst’s brand to life, Kilograph created a film to showcase the spirit of health, productivity, and creativity found at the center of the Catalyst brand. This was accomplished through the use of an approachable and human animation style that highlights Catalyst as a modern and technologically driven workplace of the future. The clean line animation is interwoven with the photo-realistic renderings of the architecture to evoke the fresh and creative tone of the project’s identity while still communicating the tangible value of this unique development.


Gold in Computer Animation 2020

Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2020

Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Jen Agosta, John Michael Wilyat

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Design Team

Keely Colcleugh (Kilograph) Shannon Sweeney (Kilograph) Christina Yassa (Kilograph) Matt Laskowski (Kilograph) John Paul Arrieta (Kilograph) M...

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