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Entry Title:

Linx Rebrand


Professional Logos



Design Director:

Lindsey Rosenfield

Design Team:

Mikael Bäkström, Mallory Evans





Individual Credit:

Mallory Evans, Industrial Designer, Linx Global Mfg., LLC

Individual Credit:

Mikael Bäckström, Director of Design, Linx Global Mfg., LLC

Linx is a trading company that is proud to live at the intersection of design, engineering, and manufacturing. Since its foundation in 2007, Linx did not have a formal brand identity. In 2017, Linx designers took on the project of rebranding their own company. Key design considerations for the new logo include 1) Must express direction; 2) Must express fast-paced nature of the company; 3) Must convey friendly, accessible tone; 4) Must convey strength and rootedness. As a result, the bold, lower-case word mark slants forward in its natural drive toward the future. The rest of the brand identity features bold, a black and white typography-focused approach (Font family: Noway by Atipo).