Early Bird Deadline: 30 Sep, 2019

Linx Rebrand


Linx is a trading company that is proud to live at the intersection of design, engineering, and manufacturing. Since its foundation in 2007, Linx did not have a formal brand identity. In 2017, Linx designers took on the project of rebranding their own company. Key design considerations for the new logo include 1) Must express direction; 2) Must express fast-paced nature of the company; 3) Must convey friendly, accessible tone; 4) Must convey strength and rootedness. As a result, the bold, lower-case word mark slants forward in its natural drive toward the future. The rest of the brand identity features bold, a black and white typography-focused approach (Font family: Noway by Atipo).

Bronze in Logos 2018

Design Director
Lindsey Rosenfield
Design Team
Mikael Bäkström, Mallory Evans

Industrial Designer
Mallory Evans, Linx Global Mfg., LLC
Director of Design
Mikael Bäckström, Linx Global Mfg., LLC

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