Melbourne Zoo Poo System Map for children

by Jenny Yu-Jin Chae

The project was asked to visualise an ideal map design for waste recycling system in Melbourne Zoo. During the project, students went to Melbourne Zoo and discover the fact that they compost all wastes for example food, garden and animal waste on-site, and works towards being a zero waste to landfill enterprise.

Through the system map at the Melbourne Zoo, a designer needs to tell the audience how the garbage and animal wastes are used and discarded by recycling and how it becomes helpful to us again. Although information transmission is important, considering the target group is children, so as a designer it was necessary for contemplating ways to attract their interest.

I put some interactivity questions on the map so that children can get information by solving problems. At this point, interactivity questions are used to make people learn and remember the information effectively by problem-solving. On the map, I cut some part of the map and fold it for children to get interested and put keywords with images on the first two pages to make children be curious about the map. By considering that the target audience was children, I have tried to involve illustrations that are friendly and easily understandable with interests. As a result, it was successfully worked out with some problem-solving sections to attract children's interest.


Gold in Illustration for Social Change 2020, Non-Pro

Silver in Magazine & Newspaper Design for Social Change 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Jenny Yu-Jin Chae

Company/University or Design School

RMIT University