by Jenny Yu-Jin Chae

Environmental design: paper, acylic block,digital print, 2018.

The project “Save The Arctic” is a teaching aid in the form of the board game in order to target primary school children through the use of creative thinking, and game mechanics, so they can learn about the environment and global warming. My aim is to discover new ways of making a difference, responding to environmental issues, through design. This project incorporates logo design, packaging, and original teaching aids

The project was asking students to create an educational activity toolkit for the development of children's perspective in realizing of the natural environment. In this project, I focused on creating a toolkit for children to enjoy and learn. I learned how the habits that we usually do have in our environment can affect our environment and get it back.

Through CARREE education website, I have learned is that there are many kinds of education activity in nature as well. During the research, I came up with a theme on global warming and sea level rise. After decided the theme, I tried to link between 12 habits Living Systems to education toolkit’s final outcomes. I focused on toolkits outcomes that how target audience get a purpose of the activity and visual impact.
My final result of the toolkit is a success to show that children realize how we cause climate change and global warming and what is happening on the Earth. I did well for visual design and methods. Every single part of toolkits were designed to be looking similar to the reality. The method of Jenga board game was to catch the children’s interest but also visualising single parts similar to the reality was used to maintain their interest within durability. Designing the Jenga, developing creative thinking ideas and illustration skills were used. l...


Silver in Branding for Social Change 2020, Non-Pro

Silver in Mix Media/Moving Image for Social Change 2020, Non-Pro

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Jenny Yu-Jin Chae

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RMIT University