Unit4Men Men's Premium Cosmetics

by Sparrow Design

Unit4Men is a Polish brand of natural and vegan premium cosmetics for men, including body, chin, hands and face care. The set consists of two Citrus & Musk and Amber & Vanilla fragrance lines.

The Citrus & Musk line consists of: revitalizing face cream, regenerating hand cream, perfumed beard oil, perfumed beard shampoo, perfumed 3in1 shower gel and after shave lotion. The Amber & Vanilla line includes perfumed beard oil and after shave lotion.

Unit4Men are high quality cosmetics for men's care. In the pursuit of perfect products, each of them was refined based on male needs. The entire branding of the brand is maintained in the black colors which refers to premium products and their elegance. Perfectly harmonizes with silver, gold and shades of white. Unit4Men is modern minimalism, which is expressed both in the design of the product itself, as well as packaging and design.


Silver in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Marek Kowalczyk

Design Company

Sparrow Design


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Design Team

Sparrow Design