ABRAINI_Su Filindeu

by Jenny Yu-Jin Chae

Packaging Contents: Su Filindeu pasta
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Card board, paper, foil, thread
Printing Process: Digital Printing, Gold ink
*This is a hypothetical student project

The aim of the project is to design a packaging for Su Filindeu with black squid ink pasta made by Italian artisan that is only available in Sardinia, Italy. Su Filindeu is the thread of god in Italian and the world’s rarest.

The concept behind of packaging is the uniqueness of the product, so I tried to make it as luxurious and it contains the meaning of Su Filindeu pasta. To express the identity of the product through packaging. I tried to make the packaging well crafted and luxurious at the same time as if it was made by master craftsmen. All of the pasta packagings were designed using the colour of the product, black, except for the last pasta packaging. To make this into a high-end packaging to used gold ink to contrast the black. When a consumer first look at the box, there is a hole on the lid. The reason for the hole in a circle is to show the same shape as the tool used to make the pasta. One hole is divided in half, one side is showing the content of the box. The other half is blocked with black thread that has a similar texture to the product. When a consumer first look at the product I wanted a consumer to be intrigued and make them guess what the product is, that is why only two-thirds of the actual pasta is exposed. The box uses a thread and button mechanism to open the box. This mechanism is also showing the identity of the product and its meaning.

The choice of paper was also carefully chosen. The inside and...


Bronze in Packaging Design 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Jenny Yu-Jin Chae

Company/University or Design School

RMIT University