by Min-Hua Tsai, Yi-Yun Li, I-Jie Tsay, Yu-Ching Chiu

SURGICAL PROJECTOR is a surgical aided projection and lighting device designed for scarce medical resources areas such as battlefields and disaster areas, epidemic areas, operating rooms, and surgical education. It combines surgical aided projection, air sterilization, and lighting.
SURGICAL PROJECTOR can project surgical tips under poor light and inadequate medical equipment, and use projector light to supply the brightness required for treatment. When medical team is in a dusty and germ-producing environment, air sterilization can timely and closely purify air for surgical area. The retractable folding storage and modular design are convenient for medical teams to carry and can be adjusted in different surgical environments.


Silver in Interaction Design for Social Change 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Min-Hua Tsai, Yi-Yun Li, I-Jie Tsay, Yu-Ching Chiu

Company/University or Design School

National Taipei University of Education (NTUE)

Design Team

Min-Hua Tsai,Yu-Ching Chiu, I-Jie Tsay,Yi-Yun Li,Advisor: Prof. Kai-Chu Li