The Basic Sea Salt Flakes

by Jenny Yu-Jin Chae

The project is to design a package for sea salt flakes from the Great Barrier Reef and the product will be only sold at Australian airports. The target audiences are tourists who are from various country to travel to Australia. *Hypothetical student work

The brand’s name is “The Basic" meaning is a reflection of sea salt flakes come from seawater and it is a foundation to the taste of all foods. The Great Barrier Reef is known for its clean sea water and its coral. In order to emphasize that the ocean is famous for its living nature the pictogram was used instead of the letter “i” from the word basic, and the rest of the letters from the word basic use a typeface that is very structured with straight lines. The typeface that I have chosen, helps with highlighting the pictogram in the logo. The aim of the logo is to convey the identity of The Great Barrier Reef which is natural, simple but the impact. The concept behind the packaging is to make consumers able to feel the nature of its origin and represent the uniqueness of the products. To create a package that is visually informing, it needs to convey a message and explain what it contains. The package had to express Australia's Great Barrier Reef and depict its clear sea water, coral and its white sand and beaches. Inspired from this, the box uses white textured paper which represents the texture of sand and also sea salt flakes, try to intrigue the audience with the colour first and draw them to eventually touch the product in order to feel the texture of the packaging.
The front of the box, to emphasize the uniqueness of this product by attaching a limited edition label on the box strap....


Silver in Packaging Design 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Jenny Yu-Jin Chae

Company/University or Design School

RMIT University