Undivided Food Co.

by One Woman Agency

Since its inception in late 2015, I have worked alongside the founders of Undivided Food Co. to build a challenger brand to big supermarket players. I have overseen all aspects of the creative direction of the brand, from naming the company to designing its logos, packaging and website, and writing copy.

Undivided Food Co. is on a mission to reinvent the supermarket staples we routinely reach for. The focus has been on supplying ‘real’ nutrient-dense food, shirking sugar, artificial flavours/additives, and filler ingredients that provide little nutritional benefit.

New product lines have been constantly added over the years, so the overarching Undivided Food Co. brand had to be a dynamic, uniting device for a growing portfolio of sub-brands. The Undivided Food Co. logo has become an intrinsic part of its packaging while not overwhelming the particular product brand.

Packaging and print specifications have often been very prescriptive for this challenger brand, as smaller formulators and suppliers often have limited workable options. Keeping packaging costs in check, whilst retaining a premium feel, was a key requirement for the client to balance the cost of using the highest quality ethical ingredients. Design has played a key part in achieving this balance. The approach taken has been to keep the branding clear and modern, to account for the transparency of the product, and allow the benefits speak for themselves. The products stand out on the shelves because of their bold, graphical nature, open proportions and the unique U-shape. Paired with irreverent copywriting, the packaging and all brand components come together as a unique voice.

Today, Undivided Food Co. products are stocked in supermarkets across Australia, and the company is now expanding internationally.


Bronze in Branding 2020

Bronze in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Nena Salobir

Design Company

One Woman Agency


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Undivided Food Co.