Nexen univerCITY " The infinity wall"

by d'strict holdings Inc.

d’strict has introduced 30M*7M (Horizontal*Vertical size) of LED display project, depicting NEXEN TIER’s infinite potential, “The Infinity Wall” in Nexen’s New R&D Center Lobby in Seoul , “Nexen UniverCity”

“The Infinity Wall” communicates with audiences by telling the story of Nexen Tire’s core value and management philosophy through “Story mode”, share feelings, create a highly emotionally charged atmosphere beyond the construction and interior through “Mood mode”. Weather, time, news are delivered creatively and intuitively in real-time through “Message mode”.

Flat LED display’s transformation to a new three-dimensional space were possible thanks to well-planned and creative concept along with intuitive video creation power of d’strict. d’strict announced a re-creation of Nexen UniverCity’s lobby space into a public media space that can be the talk of the town.


Gold in Digital Art 2020

Silver in Branding 2020

Silver in Mix Media/Moving Image 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Park Sanghwa, Choi Yoojin, Oh Jihoon, Lee Donjun, Han Yejun, Kang Dowoo, Park Sicheol, Park Haeyoung, Jeong Jinhwan, Lee Siwoo

Design Company

d'strict holdings Inc.


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Design Team

Motion graphic team

Video (direct link)

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