Wildheart Organics

by Depot Creative

We elevated Wildheart’s branding and packaging design to reinforce its clean credentials, hero the divine aromas and create a premium lifestyle brand.

Very few candle brands use completely organic ingredients, so we wanted to capture Wildheart’s point of difference and high quality throughout the packaging, visually and with tactile materials.

The original branding and packaging was proving a barrier to Wildheart being stocked in high-end retailers and department stores. It had some structural issues, and wasn’t holding up well to transit, so we also created a range of stronger and sturdier boxes using a high-quality stock that also feels far more premium to the touch.

The colours used are derived from the plants and herbs that make each of the fragrances. The illustrations have an ethereal quality, alluding to scent dissipating into the air as a candle burns. They were also key in differentiating 5 different ranges and 52 different products. The refreshed brand identity made the key ‘organic’ claim more legible, and creates a more polished and luxurious feel.


Gold in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Angela Spindler

Design Company

Depot Creative


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Wildheart Organics

Design Team

Angela Spindler: Creative Director/Designer, Anneke Decker: Finished Artist