by Depot Creative

Popped water lily seeds are a much-loved snack in India, but the rest of the world had been slow to get on it – until Hopapops came along.

The founders of this snack startup asked us to name, brand and package their version of popped water lily seeds, targeted at US consumers.

The main challenge was how to grab a market that likely hasn’t even heard of eating the main ingredient, water lily seeds, at all? First up, we chose to focus on shelf shout, simple information hierarchy and strong ingredient visuals.

The focal point of the packaging is the coloured circle in the middle, which houses the brand mark and all need-to-know info. The uneven nature of the typography lends a cheeky bounce, which complements the Hopapops brand name and fun tone of voice we created. The illustration, which makes up the main part of the packaging, drives home the flavour variant. Subtle details make a big difference here too, such as parts of the ingredients peeking through, alluding to light seasoning rather than overpowering flavouring. The product is also nutritionally dense, another reason the entire face of the pack is filled with product, which gives a sense it’s satisfying and filling.


Bronze in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Angela Spindler

Design Company

Depot Creative


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WaterFox Foods Inc

Design Team

Angela Spindler: Creative Director/Designer, Anna Makarova: Illustrator, Anneke Decker: Artworker


Individual Credits

Illustrator: Anna Makarova, Anna Makarova
Copywriter: Anna Lee, Anna Lee